Mr. R. D. D. Gurnani

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Mr. R. D. D. Gurnani, A businessman with zeal for social and community services, Mr. R.D.D. Gurnani is popularly known as Dave Gurnani.

A person of Indian origin, born and brought up in Malaysia and living in the Netherlands, he has a wealth of international business experience in diverse sectors.

Apart from being a businessman, Dave Gurnani serves various communities in the Netherlands, such as Indian, Surinamese, Malaysian and Dutch. He is the President of The India Foundation (IF), founder President of India Nederland Suriname Foundation (INS), Ex-President of Malaysian Association of the Netherlands and a board member of many other organizations. He is primarily active in the Utrecht region, where he was instrumental in the installation of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the premises of the Utrecht University.

He organizes peace walks, cultural events like Diwali and runs a Hindi school in Utrecht. Due to his efforts, the 9th Indian Diaspora Conference is being organized in the Province House of Utrecht on the 19th of December, in which he will speak about the importance of Utrecht as a starting point for the mobility of skills between India and Europe.

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