Mobility of Skills Between India-Europe

Jointly organised by:

Foundation for Critical Choices of India (FCCI),

Foundation for Indian Diaspora in Europe (FIDE),

Province Utrecht and Utrecht University (UU).

Wednesday 19th December 2018, 13.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs

Venue: Foyer, Province house Utrecht, Archimedeslaan 6,

3584 BA Utrecht

Background: This international conference will explore the policy frameworks for a circular skills ecosystem that is necessary for creating corridors of mobility of skills between India and Europe. This conference will provide platform to discuss the role of Indian diaspora towards catalysing structured mobility of skills, more specifically to Utrecht Province and to the Netherlands. Therefore, the two key objectives are A) ways to create a functional prototype of the circular skill ecosystem in Utrecht through India-Dutch collaboration. B) To evaluate and expand this prototype into other parts of the Netherlands and then to the EU countries. Thereby making policy recommendations and engaging in multi stakeholder meetings both in India and the Europe.

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